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I think that diversification may be the way forward.  Whilst I love making my brooches, looking round at other craft sellers stalls, many are offering a wider range of items than I do which, of course, tempts more members of the public to buy.  After all, if I am only selling brooches and that’s not what they want, they are going to walk past without giving my stall another look.

My next craft fair is at the end of June so I have a little time to work on something different.  I have hit on the idea of some small felt purses which I have appliqued with a large contrasting coloured flower.  I’m quite pleased with the result and will be selling them for £3.50.  They measure approximately 10cm x 9cm.  Here’s a photo…



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One resident at Pip’s Place has just enjoyed one of her highlights of the television year, yes, the mighty Eurovision Song Contest.  Thought this year’s standard was fairly high but was underwhelmed by the result as Denmark was not the best song in my view – nothing to it.  Andy (18) comments “she was rather attractive though and that probably wins some points” – and there’s me thinking it was about the song!!  Roll on next May and let’s find someone a bit younger to perform our entry please!

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I don’t really need an excuse to avoid the hoovering but being at a craft fair all day means I just can’t do it, and by the time I’m home again there are always many other more important things to sort out … like the dinner!!

I always think of craft fair days as days for me.  Whether I have a successful day or not, it’s good to chat with other crafters and the public and sit down for a while with a bit of stitching and a cup of tea in pleasant surroundings.

The weather was kind to us in Rustington today and my stall looked inviting I think – there are some photos below to show you my set up.  As my items are quite small, I like having a smaller table so they make more of an impact.  I am particularly pleased with the little easels and canvasses I found in The Works recently at the bargain price of two for £3.00.  They show off my large petal brooches really well.  I may invest in some more or the even smaller ones they had for 99p each!  You can’t go wrong for that price!!

My other half, Mark, paid us a visit during the morning and ventured into the village armed with leaflets to hand out to unsuspecting shoppers – this seemed to bring a few more customers in so he has volunteered on another occasion to walk about wearing a sandwich board!  He’s been offered a silly costume to go with it but I reckon he’ll look silly enough without dressing up as well!!  If this happens, I will be sure to post a photo!!

I spent my time working on something new today …small felt purses.  I was fairly pleased with the results and when I have made a few, I will post some pictures.

What a grim, windy, rainy evening its turned into.  It’s hailing here at the moment.  Doing a ‘fun’ run at Portslade tomorrow morning and hope the weather improves or I’m going to be very miserable running five miles in this…


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