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Dear Blog readers, I must confess…I told you a lie in my last post back in May!  My thoughts and intentions were completely true and correct at the time but the bug I’d thought I’d been bitten by turned out to be nothing more than a surface scratch which cleared up really quickly!

Littlehampton 10k happened without me, the summer came and went and here I am still thinking I must get those trainers out and attempt to get a bit fitter.  I’ve joined the gym but don’t feel inspired to go along even though it only takes 2 minutes in the car to get there.  I also live in a great place for running, Littlehampton seafront is literally a stones throw away, yet still I procrastinate and sit on the sofa 😦

Dark evenings are now with us of course which is never a great incentive to get out after work and also produces those SAD feelings which some of us are prone to.  However, I just think I’m being a bit lazy really and there is no use moaning about putting on a few pounds if I can’t be bothered to do anything about it…I only have myself to blame.

Last night in a moment of madness I entered the Santa Dash for St Barnabas Hospice which will happen on 23 November on Littlehampton seafront (in memory of my Mum who passed away there last November and liked to see me run).  Its only 3k so I could walk it if need be and no one would know my shame at doing so as I will be dressed up as Santa, with masses of other Santas around me!!  However, it would be nice to run it.  So, dear readers, I have just one question for you…



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