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It’s been many years since I had a craft fair stall but the time has come to get out there and sell, hopefully.

The trouble I’ve encountered in taking the plunge is the cost of the tables which I have found prohibitive.  I appreciate that the organisers have to make their money and they have overheads, but when the items you sell are not expensive, a lot of selling has to be done to break even.

Anyway, the activity on the blog has been minimal and sales through Folksy non-existent so in order to get my name known and get some feedback, I will be ‘appearing’ at the Putting Green Cafe Craft Fair at Norfolk Gardens, Littlehampton on Sunday 30th September between 10am and 4pm.  If you know the venue you will understand what I mean when I say I am hoping for a calm, sunny day as my stall will be in a gazebo – if the wind blows off the sea, I imagine that my shelter and goods will not stay in one place for long !!

I have been busily making some new little flower brooches this week (this has helped take my mind off the impending departure of one and only son to University on 23rd September!).  My embroidery skills seem to be returning after many years in the wilderness which is pleasing.  I’ve also started on some ideas for Christmas tree decorations and will press on with these after 30th September so I have a stock ready for my next foray into the market place at Bartie’s Boutique in Worthing on 13th October – more on that next time.

For now, here are a couple of photos of the new brooches – on sale for £2.00 each and not available on Folksy, so if you want one you will have to get yourself to Littlehampton on the 30th or get in touch!!

Let’s hope I don’t get blown away …



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