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I will apologise in advance for this post as I’m afraid it may be less than positive.  The main reason for this is I am 49 tomorrow and whilst this is not an issue in itself, this is my first birthday without my Mum.  People told me this would be a difficult year, the first time for everything without sharing it with her or telling her about it.  I got through Christmas surprisingly okay but this feels more significant somehow.  I now think it would have been good to have a brother or sister to share these feelings with (not a thought I’ve had very often I confess), instead I bend the ears of my nearest and dearest and my understanding friends, all of whom have been brilliant and seen me through the low points so far – trouble is I am well aware that once tomorrow has gone there will still be other firsts and low points to come in the months ahead.

On a happier note, I have been busily crafting away recently and did my first fair of the year yesterday at Broadwater Parish Rooms.  I do find that escaping into a world of colour and creativity is a buzz that helps keep me sane at times.

There were a lovely selection of crafts and vintage for sale and a really happy vibe to the place thanks to the super organisation of Suzanne Bramble.  My hand felted brooches and purses drew some interest, discussion and sales; some of my cards disappeared too so you just never know what could come of that!  I only had a small table but the display went well and there are some photos below of my set up.  No other fairs booked at the moment so I must get to grips with updating my Folksy shop and changing my stock at Crafters’ Corner.

Also this week I do have two exciting music events to look forward to.  If you have seen my Facebook page you will know I like my music.  One of my all time favs is the brilliant (in my view) but not incredibly well known Green Gartside aka Scritti Politti (if I hadn’t told you my age at the start you’d have a good idea of it now I think!!).  I am seeing him twice this week!!  I’m just a little bit excited :0),  firstly he is supporting the Manic Street Preachers at the Brighton Centre on Wednesday, then doing a solo gig in Guildford on Thursday.  If you haven’t heard of Scritti, check them out on YouTube.  I remember hearing John Peel say in the early 80’s, after having them do a session for his show that ‘anyone who rhymed popsicle with hospital was alright by him’.  It’s definitely all right by me too…

I’ve surprised myself, this post is not as down beat as I thought it would be and I feel in a better frame of mind now I’ve written it!













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