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Last Friday I learnt a lovely new wet felting technique  – Nuno Felting.  It involves a similar process to the one used to make a flower brooch back in June but this time we felted onto a piece of fabric.  Muslin was recommended by our tutor, Mo Jackson, as this has a loose weave and enables all the little wool fibres to knit into it as the wool is felted.  The result for me was a wall hanging – well it’s not a wall hanging yet, but it soon will be!

We had ten people at the workshop and all of us mastered and created a unique piece of work.  One lady made a very pretty scarf by leaving some of the muslin uncovered, others left small gaps so that light could show through if the hanging was put in a window.  Some people used muted, soft colours; others went wild with vibrant pinks and greens – all the results were stunning in their very different ways.  We had the option to add yarns, pre-felted material and sparkly bits to our creations.  These would not felt unless we covered them with a fine layer of wool to hold them in place during the felting process.  Some ladies went to town with this but I decided against bling on this occasion.

I tried to make my piece not too fussy with angular blocks of colour rather than random wisps.  I had my new lounge colour scheme in mind as well.  You can see the result below.

Now all it needs is some little loops of ribbon or fabric, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa little cane to thread through them and serve as the top and someone with a hammer to put a nail in the wall!!


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