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Spring Things

At last we have seen the sun (in the South East anyway) and it felt sufficiently warm to open the car window yesterday!  Very odd really as I drove to work wearing gloves all last week and then on Friday all change, I’ve taken my coat off!  It was even nice enough to put washing on the line and inspect the progress of the bulbs in the garden – daffs will be out fairly soon I think – this marks the end of SAD for this winter, hurray!  Grey days are much easier to cope with if there is the prospect of tomorrow being brighter, don’t you think?

Crafting has been difficult for the last week or two, initially because I have felt uninspired and then because of upheaval at home caused by a leak from the radiator in Andy’s room.  In the last couple of days I have made a few Spring coloured brooches and will continue with this theme for the next few weeks and refresh my stock at Traders and on Folksy in the hope of a few sales.  Things seem very quiet and I’m looking forward to doing some craft fairs again before too long.

With all the news recently about food, what’s in our burgers and lasagne, raising the tax on fizzy drinks etc, I can guarantee that a Graze box will provide a healthy snack or two.  To register for a free box courtesy of me, use this code!!  http://www.graze.com/uk/p/P29HBQB

Happy Snacking!




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