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A ‘Timely’ Reminder

What do you see when you look in the mirror?  If you are like me you still see the person you were when you were young.  We don’t tend to notice ourselves getting older as the process is so gradual.  I’m not someone who spends hours layering on the night cream in the hope that it will prevent the onset of wrinkles – I like to think that I am growing older (fairly) gracefully!

I’ve never been a wearer of make-up either.  This isn’t because I have perfect skin, if only, but because I have always been lazy and have found that people just accept me as I am.  This is me and I’m not ashamed to show myself to the world ‘au natural’.  To be honest, my friends and colleagues would think something was wrong if I turned up with my ‘face on’!

However, I was taken aback a couple of days ago when photographing some new items to put on my Facebook page.  I have just made some little rings which I will be selling for the first time at the We Made This – Market on 14 September at the Friends Meeting House in Brighton.  I thought I would take a snap of a ring in situ on my finger – what a shock when I noticed how old my hand looked in the photo, all wrinkled and definitely not the sort of hand to model a ring of any sort!!  Not even my best efforts with Picture Manager could significantly improve it.  This is certainly a hand that is in need of air-brushing!!

The photo didn’t make it onto Facebook but I will share it with you as I know that my blog readership is limited, we are all friends here and you will accept me as I am, hopefully!  The ring is quite nice though!!



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