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Robin Request


These little chaps have been literally flying off the craft table this year.  I’ve made and sold 52 in the last couple of months!  Thanks to my dear work mates they are now in various locations far and wide and I am told that one will be on it’s way to Denmark too (I didn’t know Robins migrated!).

This morning one of my colleagues brought a Christmas craft book in to the office to show me a lovely little hanging reindeer that I could work on for the next festive season – the antlers looked a bit fiddly but I will have a go.  If they have the potential to be as successful as my robins, I will need to start making them during the summer!


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I’m not sure where this year has gone.  People used to say that the weeks, months, years going by so quickly was a sign of getting old but seeing as my 19 year old complains of the same thing, it can’t be an age related.  And now it’s almost Christmas…I have to admit it’s not my favourite time of year but at least it’s a few days off work.

2013 has not been great.  I have lost my Mum who was my anchor in life and I’m now bobbing about in a direction-less state wondering how long it will be until I feel like myself again. Everyone has been very kind and supportive in these difficult times.

We had a leaking radiator at home which caused loads of damage in the lounge and has resulted in me not having a sofa anymore.  That sounds odd I know but before the builders came in, we got rid of the old one and have had all manner of problems finding a new one that is small enough to get through the hall – I can’t quite figure out how we got the old one out, it was huge!

Crafting has gone okay but there have been some disappointing craft fairs and generally a lack of time to practice my new techniques.

My fitness has gone downhill – I’ve not run as much and don’t really feel motivated to do so.  I did do some sessions in the gym which were okay but the novelty wore off after a while.  As a result there is certainly more of me than there used to be!  This is not altogether a bad thing – my Mum always said I was too skinny and she at least was pleased to see me with ‘a bit more flesh on my bones’.  It is something to keep an eye on though, I can’t continue to expand and Christmas is full of tempting treats, both at home and at work where boxes of chocolates and biscuits seem to appear daily and it would be wrong and impolite to refuse, wouldn’t it…?

On a positive note to finish; I have been to some great gigs (notably Billy Joel at the NEC), had a lovely holiday with Mark and friends walking Hadrian’s Wall, been to two excellent felting workshops which have given me lots of ideas on how to take my felting forward and I spent a lot of precious time with my Mum.

Whatever 2014 throws at me, I know that Mum would want it to be a great year for me.  I intend to make sure it is…

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