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Men are notoriously bad at washing in my experience.  Despite instructions on the finer arts of sorting colours from whites, I know once away at Uni, my 18 year old is merrily bunging everything in to wash together on the basis that either (i) he does not have enough change to do two separate loads or (ii) he does not have enough washing to make two loads in the first place or (iii) he’s just plain lazy or (iv) he’s male!

I met a colleague last week who was one of the first people to buy some of my felt brooches.  She pointed to the red loopy flower on her cardigan saying ‘see, I’m still wearing it’ which pleased me no end.  BUT, oh dear, it looked so sad.  What on earth could have happened to it in the intervening months?

Seeing my puzzled expression she confessed to having put it through the washing machine by mistake!!  THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!  Although it had survived it’s ordeal quite well it wasn’t the vibrant brooch it once was.  I’m quite amazed however that it was still in one piece.

The moral is that whilst the odd spot of rain may do no harm, please remember to remove before you wash – there are no washing instructions!


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