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Today I took part in my 7th Bognor Regis 10k run!  It’s my absolute favourite of all the many runs I’ve ever done.  Why is that?  Well, I used to live in Bognor so that made it special; its a great course and there is support almost every weary step of the way from the enthusiastic crowds who turn out every year, no matter what the weather, and it’s the first run I ever watched, many years ago with some friends.  Nothing special in that really except that whilst standing cheering on the runners I thought to myself  ‘I wish I could do that’ although I honestly believed that I never would.

I think that may have been in 2000 and now I can’t believe that, not only have I run the race, but I’ve done it 7 times!  I’m not in any way athletic – I was last to be chosen for the team in PE lessons on many occasions!  I’m not a great runner either – getting slower as the years go on and I approach a  milestone birthday!  But, with running comes an activity that no doubt helps keep you fit and healthy but costs little to take part in and gets you out in the fresh air. A good pair of running shoes and you’re off!

I’m not about to tell you it’s easy – I’m often reminded that the first time I attempted to run ’round the block’ my partner thought I was going to keel over!!  With regular practice however, starting slowly and building up distance (if not any great speed!), running will release all those wonderful endorphins in your brain that make you feel good (although outwardly you may look like a hot, sweaty, mess!).  I really do envy those ladies who can run a 10k and look as perfect at the end as when they started!!

I did run for a club (Worthing & District Harriers) and took part in the excellent West Sussex Fun Run League but my interest in this lapsed as I was having problems with my hips – although an x-ray confirmed nothing to worry about.  At that point I decided ‘one more Bognor 10k’ thinking if my hips didn’t improve, it could be my last race 😦

I’m pleased to say training went okay, glucosamine tablets are either a great placebo or are doing wonders for my hip joints and the bug has bitten again – now it’s onwards and upwards to the 10k Coastal Run in Littlehampton on 7 September!


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It’s almost here again! … yes, on Saturday the glitz, kitsch and complete insanity that is the wonderful Eurovision Song Contest will grace our screens for 3 hours!!  Two evenings this week have been spent sifting the awful from the very awful and now we have the ‘best’ 20 plus the ‘big 5’ and last year’s winning country, all lined up for 8pm on Saturday in Copenhagen to do battle.

Some interesting entries to look out for – woman on roller blades (think that was Montenegro), Romania’s circular piano, man in a hamster wheel (Ukraine I think!), Conchita Sausage from Austria (the bearded lady), a whistling Swiss bloke and Greeks on a trampoline!  Then of course there is the UK entry – Molly.  The song is mediocre and we will be lucky to get in the top half , but what do I know?  Now I’ve committed this to the blog we will probably go and win!!

Ireland will be disappointed not to have made it to the final.  Jonny Logan will be shedding a tear in his Guinness – do you who recall the heady days in the early 80’s when Ireland couldn’t stop winning?  I have a copy of ‘What’s Another Year’ somewhere although I remember it warped in the sun and was never the same again!!

Graham Norton will be entertaining as usual and all the political voting comments will be rolled out again – with Russia and Ukraine both having qualified, there may even be some changes in who gives who 12 points!

Who will win?  On first listen I think Sweden have a good chance, or perhaps Italy, or Austria, or …?  I’ve been watching every year since I can remember and I never get it right, but then that’s half the fun!!

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