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Introducing Pip

In my first post I mentioned that the site is named after our cat so I thought perhaps the time is right to say a bit about him.

He’s a very handsome chap and has lived here much longer than me!  Mark got him from the CPL and Pip was very nervous and timid then and spent a lot of time on top of the kitchen cabinets!  The only time he resorts to this now is when the cat basket comes out and when there are fireworks about.

He lives in the conservatory and is only allowed a little way into the house as we are not keen on cat hairs everywhere.  He is a hunter and often brings us presents, dead and alive, and tells us loudly in the middle of the night that he has brought them in for us or we hear him sliding around the conservatory in pursuit of his cute whiskered prey.  If they are still alive in the morning I join in the fun and manage to save them if at all possible.  Of course this causes black looks from Pip – especially when the mouse escapes under the shed never to be seen again.

We recently decided to remove an easy chair from our lounge to make more space and on getting it as far as the conservatory before taking it to the tip, struck on a great idea of giving the chair to Pip!  So he now has his bed in the chair and appears very happy to be off the cold floor at last.

When he gets the chance to get in the house he is often found in Andy’s room – it seems he’s keen on learning to use the computer or perhaps he wants to get his paws on the mouse!

Isn’t he adorable?


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